Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stalking Steve Nash: or How I Learned to Start Worrying About How my Wife Spends her Spare Time

For whatever reason, my wife decided to look Steve Nash up in a local directory this evening. It turns out he is actually listed. Thinking her behavior wasn't creepy enough already, she punched his address into Zillow, a popular online real estate site where satellite pictures of homes are often available.

According to Zillow, anyone can upload a picture to their site:

Anyone can upload photos of a house — owners, agents, neighbors — anyone! Since Zillow is a community site, we want everyone to contribute — even your neighbors or someone who has lived in the house 20 years ago. Photos uploaded by owners and agents will show up first. Also, community-uploaded photos cannot be deleted, but if you see something that doesn't look right or is inappropriate, please click the "Flag content" link and Zillow Customer Support will review it.
Here (warning: strange nudity) is the picture of Nash's home as provided by Zillow. Enjoy.

It definitely doesn't look right and I don't think it's all that appropriate, but I'm hesitant to "flag" the content. It's so utterly ridiculous, it almost deserves to stay.

edit: I removed the direct Zillow link that contained Nash's address because let's face it, that isn't cool.

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