Monday, September 1, 2008

I saw Robert Sarver at Dunkin' Donuts today

My daughters and I walked into the Dunkin' Donuts this morning at Scottsdale and Shea to find the man who signs the checks for the Phoenix Suns sitting at the front table, surrounded by a bunch of kids.

I'll admit that upon seeing him I momentarily froze, as the last person I expected to see enjoying a delicious eclair at my local donut hole was Robert Sarver.

He gave me a bit of strange look as I came in, perhaps because he'd never seen a Bad Brains t-shirt before. I can't imagine Mormon bankers are exposed to much hardcore goodness in their lives.

Either that or I was staring. I may have been staring.

He and his brood left soon after my daughters and I placed our order, but not until he meticulously cleaned the table they used. As I sat waiting for our deep-fried balls of sugared dough to be boxed, I knew I had made the right decision.

I thought to say something stupid like "keep up the good work" or "nice job with the Dragic deal" or even "I write a ridiculous Suns blog called Black Jesus Disciples, can I buy you a cup of coffee?" for about half a second, but thought better of it.

He and I didn't get up early on Labor Day to talk about the Suns, or in his case, tell someone to get lost. Our kids wanted donuts.


SilkyJohnson19 said...

I'm pretty sure if you asked ten (white) guys, maybe one of them could say they know of the Bad Brains.

kellydwyer said...

When I was a teenager, an older friend of mine was dead set on taking me to a reunited Bad Brains concert to "get me into" the band. Then H.R. smashed some punter with a mic stand, and the tour was canceled.

Never got into them. Great post, though.

Chris Bennett said...

Don't blow no bubbles!

Can't wait to see Oden dunk on Shaq this year..........Ohhh maybe Fernandez too, like he did on D. Howard. Amare will probably teach those two some lessons though.

McLane said...

I would agree, Silky. However, as I was standing in line at Dunkin', an older (white) guy complimented me on the shirt, said they're his favorite band, etc. Strange morning.

Good stuff, KD.