Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantasy Camp Fallout

Looks like I've caused a bit of a stir with my post from this morning.

Henry at TrueHoop ran with it, the great Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic noticed, and even Ziller from AOL Fanhouse picked up on it.

So what's all the hubbub, bub?

I had the pleasure of emailing a couple of times with Coro and then speaking with him for a half hour or so this afternoon. Great man, that Paul Coro.

Turns out Mr. Welts had heard about the blog post through the grapevine and gave Paul a friendly denial when he inquired further, that he meant Matt Barnes could start for Grant Hill down the road and not at the beginning of the season. Coro checked in with me to be sure I wasn't completely full of it and that I was certain I heard what I heard.

I'm very certain. I may not have recorded Mr. Welts' speaking, but my mind is like a not yet dull steel trap. I know what was said.

The moral of the story is, well, I'm not sure.

I do feel bad for putting Mr. Welts' in a bit of a tough spot. If Kerr and Co. have been discussing this move for some time as Coro said, I can't imagine Coach Porter is very pleased with the news coming out this way.

Needless to say, it's been a rather interesting day here at BJD. Now all I have to do is continue to tell myself to stay away from the comments on Coro's blog.

Bunch of savages in this town.

The funny thing is, as Stan from Bright Side of the Sun said, everyone is completely missing the point. Giving the Gorilla a two-handed high five is the real story here.


Joe said...

In other words, you have absolutely no support for your claim. Funny how people who were there recording everything missed it, but the one guy without a recording device swears it's true.


McLane said...

Hi Joe,

This was a casual event. Not sure where you've gotten the idea that everyone in attendance had a recording device of sorts.

What exactly was stolen?

BballScientist said...


Yeah Joe, I'm sure this guy walks around Suns fantasy camp with a voice recorder. That wouldn't look sketchy at all.....

papa john said...

High five indeed, thats worth a million! Focus on the fan and all can be right with the world. (Note to Joe, get over yourself..boring stuff..know what I mean?)DM.

Sashka25 said...

From a guy who was also at this camp:
I thought exactly the same thing when Welts said it. "I'm sure he was not supposed to say this". McLane is right. Welts said the Barnes will "probably" start and Hill will come off the bench.