Friday, July 18, 2008

A Stroll Down Memory Lane, Starring Tom Chambers, Steve Nash and Eddie House

I've had a few run-ins with various Suns players in my life. I've detailed a couple previously, and seeing as we're smack dab in the middle of the offseason and I'm doing nothing but sulking over not being in Vegas for the summer league, I figured today would be good as any to revisit a couple more chance encounters with members of the Suns.

First, the great Tom Chambers. I was just a kid so the details are pretty fuzzy, but my dad was able to get us a meeting with Chambers before the game in the depths of the Madhouse on McDowell. Now that I think about it, it wasn't all that exciting.

I remember thinking Chambers was some sort of giant but not much else stands out from the meeting. So I guess what I'm saying is, this post SUCKS so far.

Onto Steve Nash and his sidekick Eddie House. I'm at the World Baseball Classic at Chase Field, and the US is playing Canada. I started the game off sitting at Friday's Front Row with a friend from work and our boss, but as the game went on and my boss had to catch a plane, I moved down a bit.

Actually, I moved down a lot. A family friend has the best seats in the house: on the corner of the home dugout closest to home, first row, on the aisle. As I sat down with my dad and his two friends they told me to me look. over. there.

I glanced to my left to find Steve Nash and Eddie House enjoying the game with what looked to be a number of Nash's Canadian friends. I say these gentlemen were Canadian not because they were proudly flashing socialized healthcare cards, guzzling maple syrup, and sporting nothing but denim, but because they were letting the American players have it and cheering wildly for the Canadian players.

They were also drinking beer. Lots and lots and lots of beer. Well, at least Eddie was. For being a pretty slight man, he can put down $9 beers with the best of them. I don't think he quite drank a perfect game but it was a quality start nonetheless.

As for Nash, the guy was there having fun and enjoying the game. He was definitely in his element, as he and his friends were having a grand ol' time. When he took off in the 7th inning or so (Canada was still in control at that point,) he was escorted out by security because I kid you not, people were acting like he was Jesus and hoping to touch the hem of his garment.

And really, that's about it. Here's a quick recap:

-Tom Chambers - tall
-Eddie House - likes beer
-Steve Nash - Jesus

Sounds about right.

To read about basketball and the Suns summer league, be sure to check back with Stan at Bright Side of the Sun, because again, he's in Vegas, and we're not.